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Twin Studios Media International, TSM Network Consulting and Events was officially registered in Nigeria in 2019 but started operations in Ukraine in 2016 with a sister company. TSM Network (TSM) is a global consulting company with an Africa regional office in Lagos Nigeria.  Using our international conferences, business and investment roundtable meetings and international exhibitions, brand promotions and activations, company management and event planning. TSM Network, a strategic marketer of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has assisted many developing economies particularly in Africa to attract quality FDI and infrastructure financing through its IPA arm.

TSM Network enjoys a long-standing business relationship with many international institutional investors. TSM Network has a rich track record of connecting people and attracting investments which spans over 5 years with verifiable projects and events successfully executed across several parts of the globe.

Investment Promotion Agency: IPA

TSM Network Investment promotion agency (IPA) is playing an increasingly more significant role in the development of the national and regional economies in which it operates. TSM   has the potential to generate larger foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, including the attraction of higher-quality FDI, and to deepen the integration of economies into global value chains (GVCs). Research suggests that the presence of foreign firms can improve the competitiveness of a region, bringing high-quality jobs, new technologies, and new management practices that assist productivity and growth. This note looks at why TSM -IPA exists and the (mainly economic) rationales that have influenced its creation.

TSM Event Expo

Tsm Events Expo is a high-profile business sales metrics event targeted at making customers, end users, consumers and brand audience love their brands, businesses, models, personas, ambassadors etc. We’re TSM Events. We help make your customers love you. Help get new customers and make them awesomely happy. Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation, new event trends, solid ROO values, great offers are all inside TSM EVENTS. So, look no further except with eagerness to attend TSM Events.

TSM Events plays by its market stimulus and detailed understanding of the client needs, to prepare any event or promotion in a TG Specific, cost effective, time-bound way with quality checks and flawless activation.  Our Commitment to excellence and integrity in everything we do makes us stand out from the crowd and results in a highly commendable success rate.

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We’re TSM Events. We help make your customers love you. Help get new customers and make them awesomely happy.

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