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    July 12, 2024

    African Seasoning & Spices Trade Expo & Cook off Championship


    Welcome to the vibrant and aromatic world of Africa’s Seasoning & Spices Trade Expo, a culinary extravaganza that promises to be a feast for the senses. Set against the backdrop of the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria, this expo is a celebration of West Africa’s rich culinary heritage and the diverse flavors that define the region. Join us for an immersive experience where the spice-laden air meets the lively sounds of sizzling pans, creating an ambiance that’s nothing short of a culinary symphony.

    March 09, 2024

    DealMakers Africa Awards


    Unveil Excellence: Sponsor the DealMakers Africa Awards in Lagos, Nigeria! Elevate your brand to the pinnacle of success by partnering with the prestigious DealMakers Africa Awards—an event that transcends borders and celebrates the essence of strategic excellence, innovation, and groundbreaking achievements.

    April 06, 2024

    Golden Affairs Gala Awards

     10,000.00 1,000,000.00

    The Golden Affair Gala Awards: Uniting Hearts for a Noble Cause An exclusive invitation to the crème de la crème – Forex magnates, philanthropists, and advocates for saving children with Pediatric heart Cancer! Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF) Join us for an enchanting evening at The GOLDEN AFFAIR GALA, where sophistication meets philanthropy, and Forex excellence merges with the power to make a difference. This distinguished event is not just a gala; it’s a celebration of accomplishments, a network of influencers, and a testament to the impact we can create together.

    May 10, 2024

    Made in Anambra Expo


    Seize the opportunity to champion innovation, support local industries, and gain prominent visibility as a sponsor of the Made in Anambra Expo – a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and commerce! This expo is more than an event; it’s a movement empowering local businesses and showcasing the rich tapestry of Anambra’s craftsmanship. By sponsoring, you become an integral part of fostering economic growth and supporting the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Anambra.

    June 21, 2024

    Nigerian SME Business Expo


    Get ready for a banking revolution at the Nigerian SME Business Expo! It’s not just an event; it’s a financial fiesta tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Dive into a world of growth opportunities, funding insights, and cutting-edge financial solutions. Picture this: a vibrant marketplace buzzing with innovation, expert panels sharing success strategies, and personalized financial advice at your fingertips. SME Banking Expo is where your business dreams meet financial reality – join us and let’s make your entrepreneurial journey unforgettable!

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    May 10, 2024

    Racing Breaks


    Get ready for the ultimate thrill in the heart of Lagos – the Racing Breaks Event! 🏁 Brace yourselves as the streets come alive with the thundering excitement of tricycles, fondly known as Keke Maruwa, and nimble bikes, battling it out for the coveted title of the Best Racing Product! 🚲💨 🌟 It’s not just a race; it’s a high-octane spectacle where speed meets sport, and the cheers of the crowd echo the spirit of true sportsmanship. Picture this: the vibrant streets of Lagos transformed
    into a racing arena, adrenaline pumping, and the roar of engines creating an electrifying atmosphere.

    March 31, 2024

    Vibes of Easter Concert

     7,000.00 1,000,000.00

    Feel the rhythm, embrace the beats – join us for the Vibes of Easter Concert! 🎶 An unforgettable musical journey awaits as we celebrate the essence of Easter with electrifying performances, soulful melodies, and an atmosphere charged with positive vibes. Get ready to be immersed in the ultimate Easter experience – where music, joy, and celebration collide!

    🐰🎉 #VibesOfEaster #MusicalMagic”

    May 10, 2024

    WASCA Expo


    Embark on a journey of growth and profit at the WASCA Expo – where the future of Coffee and Tea Agriculture comes alive! ☕🌱 Join us for the Coffee and Tea Farmers Stakeholders Congress, a transformative event with the theme ‘Revitalizing Coffee and Tea Agriculture for Growth and Profit.’